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Emergency Servicing


Sewage Contamination

Sewerage back flows are a severe health threat and a great potential for microbial development. Sewerage also known as “blackwater" contains airborne particulates, blood borne pathogens and numerous bacteria including E-Coli.



Upon our arrival, we will assess the damages and begin restoration and clean up processes. Generally, saturated items such as wall to wall carpeting, padding and loose rugs cannot be adequately cleaned and disinfected and therefore must be removed from the home or office. We will remove all damaged plaster, plaster board, sheet rock wall paper as quickly as possible. Hard surfaces such as linoleum floors, hardwood floors, concrete, wood moldings and metal furniture will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. Porous materials such as carpeting, wood flooring, upholstered furniture, draperies, and cloth that cannot be completely washed and cleaned in hot water must be disposed of safely.  Affected clothing can be professionally cleaned and sanitized as well.


Storm Damage

Catastrophic damages caused by windstorms, hurricanes/tornadoes, lightning strikes, flooding or ice damns can range from minor to severe. Clean Care will minimize damage to your home or office, whether you have damaged roofs/windows, we will restore it!


What will Clean Care of New England do for you?


  • Trained technicians will arrive on scene within 2 hours of dispatch
  • High volume water extraction utilizing truck mounted equipment
  • Remove damaged building materials and contents
  • Complete pack out services if needed structural drying through dehumidification and controlled air movement
  • Emergency board up, temporary repairs, debris removal
  • Restore order

Types of Water Damage

There are three types of water intrusion all requiring immediate restorative response.


Clean Water:  This type of water originates from a fresh water source such as a broken pipes, overflow from a sink or bathtub, rainwater or appliance water line to name a few.


Gray Water:  This type of water originates from a used water source such as an aquarium, clogged waste line of a toilet or water bed rupture to name a few. Gray water may contain pollutants, bacteria, fungi, and algae that can cause illness and disease. If gray water is not treated it can turn into black water.


Black Water: This type of water originates from clogged sewer mains that divert the sewerage from other neighbors or businesses into your home or business through your plumbing. Black water contains airborne diseases, blood borne pathogens, and bacteria that pose an immediate threat to one’s health.



At Clean Care of New England, we are professionals in providing you emergency services. Call Clean Care of New England now at 401.941.9111 so you do not have to deal with the physical and emotional stress!


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