When levels of moisture are elevated due to water intrusion, below grade spaces or when materials are drying out when new houses are being built, Clean Care of New England has the equipment and expertise to effectively and efficiently remove water from drywall, building materials, damp or wet basements and the air! From our room size dehumidifiers to our truck mounted mobile dehumidification systems we can dry out a bathroom to a mill building allowing for moisture damage to be minimized and preventing expensive repair and replacement cost.

Our systems separate the moisture from the air and constantly re-circulate dry air while dehumidifying. Dehumidification is a value added service for builders to dry out a new structure. This will allow skim coats and paints to be applied easier and dry more uniformly.

Our Drying and Dehumidification Equipment:

  • High Velocity Air Movers
  • Refrigerant and LGR Dehumidifiers
  • High Heat LGR Dehumidifier
  • Desiccant Mobile Drying Trailers
  • Indirect Heat Drying Trailers
  • Wall and Ceiling Cavity Drying Systems
  • Wood Floor Drying Systems
  • Ducted Drying Systems
  • Temporary Structure Heating Units
  • Generators and Temporary Power Systems