Clean Care rapidy Restores Thayer Arena after a Fire Damage

Thu, 10/22/2009 - 11:16am

Clean Care prides itself on restoring properties so that they look cleaner than before the disaster happened!

That's exactly what we did, along with the help of others, when we responded to and emergency call that Thayer Arena had a fire and needed our services to get it cleaned and opened as quickly as possible.

Mike Gagne, a writer for the Warwick Beacon wrote: 

Ten days after an enflamed Zamboni melted a hole into Thayer Arena's ice, and left the building's interior charred and covered in soot and oil, the rink is ready to reopen today.  And not only is it ready to open, the arena looks even brighter and cleaner than it had even before last week's incident, says Thayer Arena manager Jim Dorney.

Dorney said it's a testament to the intense work put in by the crews that had, in the last several days, labored around the clock to clean and repaint the arena's walls, ceiling, girders and plexiglas.

It's a far cry from the condition of the rink just over a week ago.  Dorney described a nightmarish scene.  "The place looked like a war zone at 5 PM on Columbus Day...I had never seen anything like it," Dorney said.

the cleaning of the Thayer Arena was a joint effort by Thayer Arena's staff, Clean Care of New England, Warwick Painting, and Warwick's department of public works.