Choosing an Emergency Response Contractor


Immediate Response

When disaster strikes, you need to be able to pick up your phone and get an immediate response. You should be able to speak with a live person and be certain of a quick response by a project manager within fifteen minutes if after hours. Furthermore, the emergency response team should be at your door no longer than 120 minutes from the time you made the call to stop further damage and begin the clean up and repair process.

Insurance Agent References

The emergency response provider you choose should have been in business long enough to create, maintain, and improve relationships with multiple local insurance agents. These agents can and should provide references and referrals that show the high level of professionalism and number of satisfied clients worked with in the past. Clean Care of New England/C&C Construction is a proud affiliate of many insurance agents in the area.

Past Clients

At Clean Care of New England/C&C Construction we maintain a relationship with our clients even after the work has been completed.

Ability To Work With The Insurance Companies

Working with any insurance company (Home, Auto, Life, Health, etc..) can be a difficult and confusing task to say the least. The paperwork for coverage and follow up can be a nightmare for the home or business owner.  Clean Care of New England/C&C Construction will walk you through this process step by step.

Ability to Handle Mold, Fire, Smoke and Water Damage

When a major accident within the home occurs, rarely does it just cause damage of one kind. For example, when there is a fire in the bathroom, usually there is significant smoke and water damage that leads to mold if not handled properly. Or when a major pipe breaks and flooding occurs it can lead to an electrical malfunction and sometimes a fire, but there is almost always mold damage if not treated immediately.

Clean Care of New England/C&C Construction is a full service restoration company serving Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Connecticut. Our goal is to return your home or office to its pre-disaster condition.

  • Full service restoration & reconstruction services
  • Recommended by major insurance companies
  • Detailed computer estimating

At Clean Care of New England/C&C Construction, we are professionals in providing you emergency services. Call Clean Care of New England/C&C Construction now at 800-892-7124 so you do not have to deal with the physical and emotional stress!